After easing quarantine in Ukraine, prices may be adjusted for certain goods and services – NBU

Inflationary pressure in Ukraine remains weak due to low energy prices and weakening demand, but due to the lack of supply of certain types of goods and services during quarantine, there is a possibility that after the easing of quarantine restrictions, prices will be adjusted for such goods and services, the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine reported. “In April 2020, consumer inflation in annual terms slowed down to 2.1% (from 2.3% in March). On a monthly basis, prices increased by 0.8% …

Several factors restrained the rise in prices. As before, one of the main factors was the reduction in the cost of energy carriers – both oil and gas. Inflation was hampered by a decline in demand for certain goods and services, as well as a significant supply of vegetables.

In addition, the provision of certain services was prohibited during the quarantine, and therefore the prices for them were unavailable for monitoring, therefore, remained at the level of the previous month, ”the NBU said. According to the regulator, cheap gas also contributed to a decrease in the cost of heating and hot water, while prices for alcoholic beverages grew more moderately. “Due to the actual absence of suburban and intercity bus service, the fares for this transport have not changed.

At the same time, due to the reduction in production and the March weakening of the hryvnia, the rise in price of tobacco products accelerated, “the NBU added. In general, according to the results of April, the Ukrainian consumer basket was worth 2.1% more than a year ago, the press service of the regulator said. “Food prices are rising, but moderately.

On the one hand, such goods as buckwheat, garlic, lemons rose in price due to the high demand. Due to the worst indicators of livestock production, prices for meat and milk rose. At the same time, due to the expansion of supply, vegetables fell in price.

Cheaper than last year, the majority of non-food products also remain: clothes and shoes, electronics, household appliances, cars, “the NBU said. The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced quarantine in Ukraine since March 12 due to the threat of COVID-19, now it has been extended until May 22.

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