After the investigation by Schem, the chairman of the BP committee initiated an audit of Centrenergo

After the publication of journalistic investigations of the Schemes: Corruption in Details program (a project of Radio Liberty and the UA: Pervyi TV channel), and subsequently the Our Money program about possible fraud at the Centrenergo enterprise, a controlling stake The shares of which belong to the state, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services, Andrei Gerus, appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers and the State Property Fund with a demand to conduct an audit at the enterprise and check the information contained in journalistic investigations. “According to the media (the relevant information was disseminated in the material of Radio Liberty, as well as in the program“ Our Money ”with Denis Bigus), corruption schemes could have taken place at PJSC“ Centrenergo ”for a long time,” says Andrei Gerus to the government and SPFU dated June 9, 2020. “In order to fully investigate possible abuses at the public joint-stock company“ Centerenergo ”and bring the perpetrators to justice, please conduct an audit of the activities of PJSC“ Centerenergo ”for 2019,” wrote the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Utilities Services. On June 16, 2020, Prime Minister Denis Shmigal instructed the Chairman of the State Property Fund Dmitry Sennichenko, Minister of Finance Sergei Marchenko and Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers Gennady Plis to consider the appeal of Andriy Gerus. Read also: Together with Kolomoisky, Medvedchuk also makes money on coal supplies to the state-owned Centrenergo – Schemes In response to the deputy appeal, the State Property Fund noted that utilities, the State Audit Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine. “The audit study is planned to begin approximately from 20.07.2020,” the SPFU said in a letter to Andrey Gerus. Earlier, Schemes received and analyzed an array of documents on the financial and economic activities of Centerenergo for 2019 – the first quarter of 2020 – about which goods, from whom and at what price it purchased. The Schem journalists discovered that the companies associated with Kolomoisky earned more than 4 billion hryvnia in half a year from the sale of coal and gas to the state-owned company Centerenergo, selling raw materials for power generation at prices sometimes exceeding market prices.

Read also: Ukraine is going to privatize Centrenergo and President-Hotel – a memorandum with the IMF Subsequently, Schemes established that shares in Sintez Oil, which, after the change of power in 2019, began to make money on coal supplies not only the structures of businessman Igor Kolomoisky, but also the wife of Viktor Medvedchuk, the chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform – Through Life party, have a mark on the state enterprise “Centrenergo” with a margin. Centrenergo includes three TPPs: Uglegorskaya (Donetsk region), Zmievskaya (Kharkiv region) and Tripolskaya (Kiev region), the total design capacity of which is 7,660 MW, which is about 14% of the total capacity of Ukrainian power plants.

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