Independence Day will be celebrated with horse shows near Kiev

21, 22, 23 and 24 August Ancient Kiev in the Principality of Kievan Rus (“Kievan Rus Park”) invites you to a grand celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Guests will enjoy a bright show program on historical themes, horse stunt performances, Slavic fun, master classes, delicious meals from the fire, horseback riding and much more from the life of Kievan Rus.

It is very symbolic to celebrate this holiday in the Principality of Kievan Rus, plunging into the era when statehood was born on our lands, at the time of the greatness and heyday of our ancestral home.

In the Principality, based on the knowledge of modern science, Kiev V is being recreated. -XIІІ centuries in its real size. The atmosphere and spirit of that majestic era is also being revived here.

From 21 to 24 August in Ancient Kiev guests will find a festive show program on a historical theme with the participation of unique thoroughbred horses , as well as many exciting entertainment and acquaintance with a real medieval city.

The grand opening of the celebration for four days in a row will begin at about 14:00 with a parade of princely flags with the participation of historical characters, an impressive departure of the equestrian squad and greetings from the Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great.

Then guests will be invited take part in the solemn procession to the unique Vasilievskaya church of the 10th century.

Further, on the great lists of Ancient Kiev, scenes from the history of Kievan Rus, ancient epics and the everyday life of our ancestors will come to life in bright theatrical performances with special effects. In spectacular performances, guests will see legendary historical figures who have played important roles in the fate of our country, and deepen their knowledge of different eras. Visitors will join the rituals of our ancestors and get acquainted with the history and traditions of nomadic peoples, constant companions of Kievan Rus.

In close tandem with experienced actors-stuntmen of the equestrian stunt theater, horses of rare ancient breeds collected all over the world in the Princely stable. Representatives of some breeds in Ukraine can not be found anywhere else, because they were brought to our country in a single copy. Everyone will be able to approach the horses, stroke them, take a picture with them, ride them on horseback or in a carriage.

In the evening, a spectacular program with burning cannonballs shooting from a huge trebuchet – the only medieval siege in Ukraine operating in Ukraine weapons.

In Ancient Kiev, every guest will feel like a real resident of Kievan Rus, plunging into the life of a real, living medieval city. Adults and children will be invited to take part in ancient amusements, round dances, dance flash mobs and master classes.

Everyone will find something to their liking here. At the Prince’s stable, guests will get acquainted with horses of rare ancient breeds, learn a lot of interesting things about them, be able to pet, take pictures with them, and even take a ride on horseback or in a carriage.

In the cool Prince’s tavern and in the gazebos, you can taste delicious drinks and dishes cooked on fires. Visiting Volkhvini over a cup of herbal tea brewed according to forgotten recipes, visitors will learn about the most intimate. And in the medieval shop and at the fair of craftsmen, they will choose original handmade souvenirs as a keepsake. In the Princely Wardrobe, you can try on costumes from the times of Kievan Rus and arrange a vivid photo session, in a medieval shooting gallery you can shoot a bow, at the mint you can mint a coin using ancient technology, visit museums and expositions.

Fans of outdoor activities will be delighted by a high-speed slide “Serpent Gorynych” and the breathtaking rope descent “Poletailo” with routes of varying difficulty and length.

Those who wish to continue their vacation can stay overnight in comfortable rooms (subject to prior reservation).

A visit to Ancient Kiev is subject to the requirements of the quarantine regime.

Ancient Kiev opens at 10:00. Celebration opening ceremony at 14:00. The end of the program at 19:00. The program is subject to change.

Ancient Kiev is located 45 minutes from modern Kiev – in the Kiev region, Obukhovsky district, with. Kopachov.

You can get there by your car or public transport. The schedule of minibuses can be found on the Obukhovtrans website or on the Kievan Rus Park website in the Contacts section.

Ticket price: full ticket for an adult –230 UAH, for pensioners and students – UAH 150, for school-age children – UAH 80, for preschoolers – free of charge.

More details on the website www

Readers can save money by using the promo code “fixygen- 20 “for a 20% discount when buying a ticket for an adult (full price) to the Principality of Kievan Rus:

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