Five out of six bus stations in Kiev will retain their specialization

Five of the six metropolitan bus stations bought by Bastion-group LLC will retain their specialization, said Maxim Sklyarenko, director of Ukrpas, in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

He believes that only the Podol bus station has no economic feasibility of functioning.

There are two flights to Podol now. They will remain, there will be no additional ones. And after five years, it is logical if the owners will think about the development of this site. We are unlikely to invest in infrastructure in this location, “Sklyarenko said.

According to him, other bus stations, even those that have historically been inside residential buildings, have prospects, however, they will have to fight for a passenger with illegal bus stations and spontaneous transport hubs.

According to Sklyarenko, the Dachnaya bus station will be able to compete with Svyatoshyn and Zhitomirskaya.

“We are now we agree on the decision to make a check-in from the highway. Everyone is tired of standing in a traffic jam that starts from Vozdukhoflotsky prospect. We have large carriers, including international ones, who go to Lviv, Poland. They are ready to call in and pick up passages from Dachna. ditch, saving them half an hour or an hour on the way, “he said.

Sklyarenko also said that the idea of ​​selling online tickets with a seat is being worked out with suburban carriers in Bucha /Irpen. “Then there will be demand for suburban routes from bus stations. A person with a ticket comes and is guaranteed to sit in the chosen seat out of the queue,” he said, adding that the passenger who bought the ticket will be able to sit where it is convenient for him, and the driver will be informed about this locations.

“We want to conduct an experiment in the direction of Irpen-Bucha, and not only single tickets, but also a season ticket,” Sklyarenko said.

Options for more efficient use of the land plot are also being considered , on which the Dachnaya AC is located.

“The territory of Dachnaya is huge. Now there is parking for nearby houses … The idea of ​​an intercepting parking is worth considering,” the director of the company believes.

Po According to him, AS Yuzhnaya, which is located next to VDNKh, is very promising.

“There (AS Yuzhnaya) it will be easiest to implement the business model that we are launching at the Central Bus Station. There is an illegal bus station nearby. , which takes a check-in, and more than we are. Therefore, if we offer the best service, I hope the carriers will choose us. There is a similar understanding of Polesye, there is a stable flow there. “Darnitsa” will also work, “Sklyarenko said.

As reported, the State Property Fund of Ukraine in the spring of 2020 sold at an auction a state package in the amount of 99.9% of the authorized capital of Kievpassservice JSC. The starting price of the lot was UAH 195.9 mln. The winner of the auction was Bastion-group LLC with an offer of UAH 230.89 mln.

Kyivpasservice includes the Central Bus Station, bus stations “Podol”, “Darnitsa”, “Polesie”, “Pivdenna”, “Dachnaya” in Kiev, as well as 18 bus stations in the Kiev region.

The condition for the privatization of “Kievpassservice” is the preservation of the activity of the bus stations in Kiev by the investor for at least five years, in the Kiev region – for at least 15 years .

The company “Ukrpas” was created for the effective management of a package of real estate. It is engaged in the bus station business and the sale of tickets, that is, services for passengers and carriers. The lease of premises and maintenance of property complexes is handled by “Kievpassservice”.

JSC “Kiev passservice “in 2020 received UAH 17.536 million of net loss against UAH 59 thousand of net profit in 2019. The company’s assets as of December 31, 2020 increased by 3.2% – to UAH 251.569 million (UAH 243.788 million at the end of 2019). Equity capital at the end of the year is UAH 195.963 million, total accounts receivable for the year has been reduced by almost half – to UAH 4.563 million.

The full text of the interview with Maxim Sklyarenko will be published on the main page of the Interfax agency website -Ukraine “

Based on materials: Interfax-Ukraine

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