From the annual minimum against the dollar, the hryvnia has increased by 13 kopecks – the NBU rate

The National Bank of Ukraine has set the rate of 28 hryvnia 27 kopecks per dollar on October 22. This is 10 kopecks less than the official rate on October 21 and 13 kopecks less than the annual minimum against the US dollar recorded on October 6. “On Wednesday, the main motivators in the foreign exchange market will be the settlements of those clients who are late in paying off their debts to the budget for taxes and fees and the need to pay for yesterday’s auction of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine on government bonds,” noted experts of the website “Ministry of Finance”, who predicted the strengthening of the national currency.

At the same time, they point out, in the future negative factors for the hryvnia will also affect the foreign exchange market. “The period of payments of the main amounts of VAT refunds to exporters will soon begin, and, according to our information, some of the largest of them will try to make it to this period, spending currency at a minimum. Moreover, this Sunday, local elections, and the political factor in our country is always distinguished by its “horror stories” about the possible further growth of the exchange rate.

The factor of uncertainty always works against the national currency, ”the experts add. In the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market in the last hour of trading, the national currency increased to 28 hryvnia 24-26 kopecks per dollar (from the morning level of 28 hryvnia 34-36 kopecks per dollar), according to data from

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