Wet snow and rain are expected in Ukraine at night

In the next day, December 24, at night in Ukraine, light, moderate wet snow and rain is expected, according to the Ukrhydrometeorological Center.

In Transcarpathia, moderate rain will pass during the day, and only in the eastern and Zaporozhye regions – without significant precipitation.

In the northeastern regions – ice, in the northern, central and eastern regions on the roads ice. Fog in places in the western part of Ukraine at night and in the morning. South and southeast wind, 7-12 m /s.

Temperature in the western and Odessa regions is 1-6 ° C at night, 5-10 ° C in the daytime; in the eastern, Poltava and Zaporozhye regions at night 4-9 ° frost, in the daytime 0-3 ° frost; in the rest of the territory during the day from 3 ° frost to 3 ° warm.

In Kiev, on Thursday night, light, moderate sleet and rain during the day. Ice on the roads at night. South wind of 7-12 m /s. The temperature during the day is 0-2 ° C.

According to the Central Geophysical Observatory, in Kiev for the entire period of meteorological observations on December 24, the highest temperature was recorded at around 10.2 ° C (in 2015). the lowest – at around 25.6 degrees of frost (in 1902).

On Friday, December 25, in the eastern part of Ukraine, snow and rain are expected, in the afternoon in some places significant precipitation, adhesion of wet snow, ice, on icy roads. Temperature at night 1-6 ° frost, during the day from 3 ° frost to 2 ° C rain; temperature during the day 0-5 ° C (during the day in the south of the country 5-10 ° C).

The wind is predominantly south, 7-12 m /s, in the eastern, southern and Dnipropetrovsk regions in places gusts 15- 20 m /s.

In Kiev, on Friday night, moderate, light rain in the afternoon. Southwest wind of 7-12 m /s. Temperature during the day is 2-4 ° C.

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