NBU set a new hryvnia exchange rate on the first day after a long weekend

The National Bank of Ukraine has set on June 9 the rate of 26 hryvnia 60 kopecks per dollar. This is 10 kopecks less than the official exchange rate on June 5. In the interbank foreign exchange market, the hryvnia continued to strengthen throughout the day, trading ended at the level of UAH 26 58-61 kopecks, according to data from Finance.ua.

According to experts of the website “Ministry of Finance”, the NBU entered the market three times during the session and bought out the dollar at 26.62, 26.60 and 26.59 hryvnia per unit of American currency. Despite the fact that the regulator bought about $ 200 million, analysts suggest that the currency was sold by Naftogaz of Ukraine. In Ukraine, due to the celebration of the Trinity, not only Saturday and Sunday will be non-working days, but also Monday, June 8.

The first working day of the next week is June 9th.

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