NBU has set the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar at the beginning of next week

The National Bank of Ukraine set on the first day of next week, October 26, the rate of 28 hryvnia 29 kopecks per dollar, this is 2 kopecks more than the official rate on October 23, but 11 kopecks less than the annual minimum against the US dollar recorded on October 6. “Some clients hoped for continued strengthening of the hryvnia on Thursday after positive events for the national currency in the interbank market on Wednesday. This did not happen, and the dollar went up again, which forces companies not to take on new currency risks.

And they will again buy up foreign currency on fears of further growth, “- forecasted the experts of the website” Ministry of Finance “before the start of trading on Friday. On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market on October 23, quotes rose to 28 hryvnia 30.5-32 kopecks per dollar (from the morning level of 28 hryvnia 27-29 kopecks per dollar), according to Finance.ua data.

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