NBU strengthened the hryvnia by 4 kopecks against the dollar, the interbank market went the other way

The National Bank of Ukraine set the rate of 26 hryvnia 60 kopecks per dollar on June 12, which is four kopecks less than the official rate on June 11. In fact, the regulator reflected the trends that were observed in the interbank foreign exchange market at the end of trading on Wednesday and in the first half of the day on Thursday. On the interbank market in the last hours of the session on June 11, the quotes of the American currency rose – to the level of 26 hryvnia 66-69 kopecks as of 17:00, according to data from Finance.ua.

“Trading in the dollar takes place in the format of periodic growth in demand for currency at the time of the exit of non-residents. As soon as they leave the market, the rate actually freezes, “noted the experts of the Ministry of Finance website as of 15:00. At 14:00, the NBU announced its decision to reduce the discount rate from 8% to 6% from June 12, 2020, this is the lowest level in the history of independent Ukraine.

According to the regulator, deeper than expected, the fall of the Ukrainian economy “requires further easing of monetary policy to support the economy at the stage of gradual quarantine.”

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