NBU for the first time since the end of April set the rate at 27 hryvnia per dollar

For the first time in the last month, the National Bank of Ukraine set the exchange rate of 27 hryvnia to the US dollar on May 28. This is 10 kopecks more than the official exchange rate today. The last time the American currency was valued at over 27 hryvnia was on April 29, then the official rate was 27 hryvnia 5 kopecks per dollar.

During May, the hryvnia was mainly growing, the maximum gain was almost 26 hryvnia 50 kopecks. Trading on the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market ended at the level of 26 hryvnia 95-97.5 kopecks per dollar, which is three kopecks higher than the opening of trading, according to data from Finance.ua. As pointed out by the experts of the website “Ministry of Finance”, the extension of payments of VAT refunds to exporters is working against the hryvnia, which reduces the need for them to exit the sale of foreign currency.

Didn’t play in favor of the national currency and the factor of holding an auction of the Ministry of Finance on the placement of government bonds on May 27 – securities were sold for a little more than 1 billion hryvnia, “in recent days, the portfolio of non-residents fell again, and the hryvnia from these operations partially went to purchase of foreign currency and fixation of profits by foreigners, ”the experts noted.

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