NBU keeps the dollar-hryvnia exchange rate at a record level

The National Bank of Ukraine set noon on October 30 as a reference value of the rate of 28 hryvnia 44 kopecks per dollar. This is no different from the official rate for today, which was a record for the last 26 months – since September 2018. In the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, trading takes place with minimal fluctuations, as of 12:30 the quotes are 28 hryvnias 44-45.5 kopecks per unit of the American currency (the dollar lost half a kopeck compared to the opening indicators, according to Finance.ua data).

“Against the backdrop of the growth of dollar quotes at yesterday’s trading and a certain currency deficit, which the NBU closed with its intervention, yesterday some of the clients postponed their orders for buying the dollar for today. That is, they left their foreign economic calculations on the last day of the reporting period, which usually no one does for large amounts. Today they have no time to delay, and these companies will close their deals at the current exchange rate, “wrote analysts of the Ministry of Finance website before the start of trading.

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