NBU left unchanged the hryvnia exchange rate against the US dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine set the rate of 28 hryvnia 27 kopecks per dollar on October 23, without changing it compared to the official rate on October 22. This is 13 kopecks less than the annual minimum against the US dollar recorded on October 6. “The decline in dollar quotes is already beginning to attract the attention of some non-resident buyers, for whom it is important to buy currency as cheap as possible.

Today they closely follow the trend in the auctions and in case of a new drawdown, they will exit in the middle of the day with the purchase of currency. This will not allow the hryvnia to significantly strengthen even in the event of a situational excess of supply in the first half of the day, ”predicted the experts of the website“ Ministry of Finance ”. These expectations were realized in the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, where before the end of trading, quotes rose to 28 hryvnia 27-29 kopecks per dollar (from the morning level of 28 hryvnia 24-26 kopecks per dollar), according to Finance.ua data.

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