NBU weakened the hryvnia by 3 kopecks against the US dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine at noon on October 12 set the reference value of the rate of 28 hryvnia 24 kopecks per US dollar. This is 3 kopecks more than the official rate for today. There are minimal fluctuations in the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market.

Trading opened at the level of 28 hryvnia 23.5-25 kopecks per dollar, as of 12:30 pm quotes are 28 hryvnia 23.7-25.7 kopecks per dollar, according to data from Finance.ua. “The Americans are celebrating Columbus Day, and all payments for the dollar will take place on the terms of TOM delivery. That is, settlements in hryvnia today, delivery of the dollar tomorrow.

This is an unpopular format of transactions for our interbank market, and the majority of clients have either already closed their agreements on Friday, or will postpone these agreements right away to tomorrow, “the experts of the Ministry of Finance website note. Despite the growth last week, the hryvnia is still close to its lowest levels this year. About two months ago, on August 17, trading ended at a hryvnia lower – at the level of 27 hryvnia 23.5-25.5 kopecks per unit of American currency.

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