NBU weakened the hryvnia by 13 kopecks against the dollar

The National Bank of Ukraine has set the rate of 26 hryvnia 73 kopecks per dollar on June 15, which is 13 kopecks more than the official rate on June 12. In the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, trading ended at the level of UAH 26 75-78 kopecks per unit of American currency, according to data from Finance.ua. “We do not expect any special additional market reaction to yesterday’s reduction of the NBU discount rate to 6% on Friday, because after this news major players in the interbank market and non-residents have already partially corrected their plans … But until the non-residents buy all the currency they have hryvnia from previous bond redemptions, they will provoke speculators to try to raise quotations at the time foreigners enter trading, ”wrote analysts of the Ministry of Finance website at the beginning of the session, predicting quotes within the range of 26 hryvnia 55-80 kopecks per dollar.

In fact, the main pair of the Ukrainian interbank market stopped at the upper border of this corridor. The official exchange rate of the NBU has been in a wide corridor of 26.5–27 hryvnia per dollar for more than two months, from April 30.

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