NBU weakened the hryvnia by four kopecks – for the first time in almost two weeks

The National Bank of Ukraine set for June 10 the rate of 26 hryvnia 64 kopecks per dollar, which is four kopecks more than the official rate on June 9. The regulator weakened the national currency for the first time since May 28, when the rate for the first time in a month reached 27 hryvnia per dollar. In general, the quotes of the US currency have been in the corridor of 26.5-27 hryvnia for more than two months, since the end of April.

Bidding on the Ukrainian interbank market ended at the level of 26 hryvnia 64.5-66.5 kopecks per dollar, according to data from Finance.ua. “The National Bank will continue to replenish its reserves through interventions with an excess of the dollar at the auction. It will give currency offers at the session and the crediting of foreign currency earnings to Ukrainian companies in almost two days through our Monday day off.

Demand may grow due to the entry to trading of those “subsidiaries” of foreign companies that have not yet closed their withdrawal volumes of dividends. This can periodically stimulate the growth of quotations during the day for short periods of time, “- noted at the beginning of trading experts of the website” Ministry of Finance “. The market is also awaiting the IMF’s decision – on June 9, a verdict is expected regarding the allocation of the first tranche to Ukraine under the new cooperation program.

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