The weirdest tourist attractions in the USA have been named

The BuzzFeed portal named the strangest tourist attractions in different states of America.

“Each state has strange places that have become popular with tourists. In Alabama, it is the center of lost luggage, in Alaska – the largest chocolate fountain in the world, in Arizona there is a pizzeria with an organ, which is played in the evenings, “the portal writes.

In California (San Francisco) there is a multi-colored mirror maze, in Colorado – a” zoo “in which beasts are made of iron and the remains of machines. In Connecticut there is a museum of PEZ candies in toy dispensers (they were popular in Russia in the 90s – IF). Among the exhibits – Jack Sparrow, cartoon characters “Madagascar”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and many others.

In Delaware, there is the DiscoverSea shipwreck museum, where artifacts from sunken ships are collected. In Florida – the painted house of Whimzeyland artists, in Georgia – a 1.2 km long trail inside the cliff, in Hawaii – the world’s largest pineapple labyrinth.

In Idaho, there is a Bed & Breakfast in the shape of a giant beagle, in Illinois is a park with familiar objects made in a huge size, for example, with the world’s largest rocking chair. Iowa has a High Trestle Trail Bridge, which is illuminated at night.

You can visit the dinosaur park in Kentucky. Maine has an indoor blueberry park; in Massachusetts, the Earl of Orlock’s Nightmare Gallery, which contains replicas of the most famous monsters.

In Minnesota, there is the SPAM Stew Museum (this name was later used for annoying messages), in Mississippi there is an aprons museum, and in Missouri – a hair museum.

In Montana, there is an underground business quarter, which was rebuilt after a fire in Le Havre in 1904. In Nebraska, you can see Carhenge – an analogue of Stonehenge made of cars.

You can live in a “clown” motel in Nevada, and in New Jersey you can take pictures inside famous paintings recreated in real size. There is a musical highway in New Mexico – if you drive at a speed of 72 km /h, the song “America Beautiful” starts playing.

There is a house in North Carolina decorated with 25 thousand mugs. Tourists can add their own copy if they find a place for it. North Dakota is home to the world’s largest buffalo monument. And in Ohio there is a “fake” street with a huge number of neon signs.

There is a park of “musical” stones in Pennsylvania – they make unusual sounds when struck with a hammer. In South Carolina, a local enthusiast has built a “UFO Reception Center”, near it you can take pictures and even go inside.

You can see the gallery of spheres in South Dakota – there are painted balls ranging in size from tiny to huge. Tennessee has a salt and pepper shaker museum. And in Utah, you can swim in hot tubs built right into the rock.

In Vermont, there is a cemetery of old-fashioned ice cream flavors with mini tombstones; in Virginia, there is an abandoned restaurant in the shape of a coffee pot and a cup. And in Washington (Seattle) there is a huge “wall of gum”, where you can attach your copy.

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