The National Bank has strengthened the hryvnia against the dollar by two kopecks

The official exchange rate of the hryvnia has strengthened by 2.49 kopecks against the dollar, according to the data of the National Bank. On May 13, the National Bank’s rate will be 26.7947 hryvnia per dollar, compared with the indicator on May 12 – 26.8196 hryvnia. The reference rate against the dollar, the NBU set noon on May 12, is 26.8093 hryvnia per dollar.

According to the Minfin niche portal, Naftogaz entered the interbank market at noon and sold at least $ 500 million. Read also: Rollback of negotiations or a chance to get help faster? Experts react to a change in negotiations with the IMF “The NBU actually bought this entire volume at UAH 26,815 per dollar and this prevented a collapse of quotations. In addition, the regulator bought out another “next” twenty million dollars for 26.81 hryvnia.

The same massive purchases of foreign currency by the National Bank kept the rate from failure, “the portal analysts say. The exchange rate on the interbank market in the morning was 26.85-89 hryvnia per dollar, and during the day it strengthened to 26.74-77 hryvnia.

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