On the interbank market, the weakening of the hryvnia against the dollar resumed

Devaluation of the national currency against the US dollar resumed on the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market after a short-term strengthening of the hryvnia recorded earlier this week … As of 12:30, according to Finance.ua, the quotes were 28 hryvnias, 25-27 kopecks per dollar (the session started at the level of 28 hryvnias, 22-24 kopecks per dollar). The National Bank of Ukraine has set the noon reference value of the exchange rate of 28 hryvnia 24 kopecks per dollar, which is 5 kopecks more than the official rate on September 24.

Back in mid-August, the dollar was valued at the interbank market cheaper per hryvnia, on August 17, trading ended at 27 hryvnia 23.5-25.5 kopecks per unit of American currency.

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