The devaluation of the hryvnia resumed on the interbank market

The depreciation of the hryvnia continued on the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market. As of 13:10, according to, quotes rose to the level of 27 hryvnia 71-73 kopecks per dollar, although trading opened at 27 hryvnia 62.5-64.5 kopecks per dollar. The National Bank of Ukraine at noon set the reference value of the exchange rate of 27 hryvnia 69 kopecks per dollar, which is slightly (by tenths of a kopeck) different from the official rate as of July 30.

“At the dollar trades, the demand for the currency is gradually growing. There are transactions in lots of up to $ 1 million, “- noted the experts of the website” Ministry of Finance “as of 12:00. The national currency was in a wide corridor of 26.5-27 hryvnia per dollar for more than two months – from late April to early July.

On July 1, the statement of ex-NBU head Yakov Smoliy about his resignation through political pressure on him caused an increase in quotations to 27 hryvnia 20 kopecks per dollar and even higher. After Kirill Shevchenko was appointed chairman of the NBU, the devaluation of the national currency accelerated. Over the past several sessions, the regulator has shown new benchmarks to market participants – the NBU sold more than $ 300 million last week at a rate slightly lower than UAH 28 per dollar.

The interbank market finds the bottom parameter of the new corridor mainly without the active participation of the National Bank.

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