The hryvnia is slowly strengthening on the interbank market

Slow strengthening of the national currency continues in the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market. According to, as of 13:05, quotes are 26 hryvnia, 67-69 kopecks per dollar. “Today’s trading day will be influenced by two factors – the situational tasks of large players to buy or sell foreign currency and possible new interventions by the NBU to buy out the dollar in case of its surplus on the market.

The quotations of the National Bank’s interventions will continue to actually dictate the entire interbank market price benchmarks for the exchange rate throughout the day, “experts at the Ministry of Finance website say. The National Bank of Ukraine has set the noon reference value of the exchange rate of 26 hryvnia 68 kopecks per dollar, which is one kopeck less than the official rate on May 14.

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