The hryvnia is strengthening on the interbank market

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, after several days, the strengthening of the American currency changed the trend. According to the data of, as of 12:40 pm, the quotes are 26 hryvnia 73-75 kopecks per dollar. The National Bank of Ukraine set noon reference value of the exchange rate of UAH 26 73 kopecks per dollar, which is 11 kopecks less than the official rate as of June 16.

According to analysts from the Ministry of Finance website, the hryvnia is favored by the holding of an auction for the sale of government bonds today, the approaching period of companies’ payments to the budget and the potential sale of currency by Naftogaz. In the event of an excessive supply of the dollar, the surplus of currency is bought by the National Bank, which has already taken $ 20 million from the market at a price of 26.74 hryvnia. The exchange rate has been in a wide corridor of 26.5–27 hryvnia per dollar for two and a half months since the end of April.

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