Relative equilibrium reigns on the interbank market – after the strengthening of the hryvnia to 26.80 per dollar

On the Ukrainian interbank foreign exchange market, as of 11:30 am, trades are held at the close of trading on May 7 – 26 hryvnia 80-82 kopecks per dollar. In the first hour of trading, the hryvnia slightly strengthened, but at the current price, not only the sellers of the American currency, but also its buyers became more active, according to data from “There are active rumors on the interbank market about further sales of currency by Naftogaz, and some customers will decide to wait with the purchase, waiting for the“ bottom ”at the rate.

But the exporting sellers will be quite active, because they need to finance economic activity, and companies (especially farmers with their completion of the sowing campaign and significant operating costs) have practically no hryvnia. Therefore, they will have to actively sell their foreign exchange earnings. This plays in favor of strengthening the hryvnia “, – experts of the website” Ministry of Finance “note.

At the same time, they point out, other factors are at work. “News about changes in the program of cooperation with the IMF will somehow affect the market sentiment. Our business is always looking for the negative in such things, and, unfortunately, rarely makes mistakes.

Therefore, many will prefer to play it safe and not play currency roulette, “experts point out. The National Bank of Ukraine set the official rate of 26 hryvnia 82 kopecks per dollar on May 8.

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