The Ministry of Health will initiate the introduction of severe restrictions in certain regions – Stepanov

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will initiate the introduction of severe restrictions in the conditions of adaptive quarantine in certain regions, said the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov.

“We believe that in certain regions, strict restrictions should be introduced under conditions of adaptive quarantine. We will initiate the introduction of such restrictions, meetings of regional commissions. When I talk about severe restrictions, I am talking about restricting the work of certain institutions,” – he said at a briefing on Friday.

Stepanov added that “our number of hospitalized people is growing and the occupancy rate is growing.”

The minister specified that his department will initiate the most stringent control conditions of quarantine. “We are talking about transport in which people travel without masks. We are talking about some supermarkets that have ceased to adhere to the social distance, in which people are without masks and PPE,” he said.

Stepanov said that for over the past day, 921 people fell ill in Ukraine, including 64 children and 161 medical workers.

Over the past day, 182 people were hospitalized, 19 deaths were recorded; 19365 thousand tests were carried out, including 11465 PCR and 7900 – ELISA tests.

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