The Ministry of Finance confirmed the placement of 12-year bonds, which was postponed due to the resignation of Smoliy

Ukraine has announced the pricing (pricing) of US $ 2 billion Eurobonds with a maturity of 12 years, the Ministry of Finance reports on July 24. On the eve, a number of Ukrainian media reported this with reference to their sources. The bond yield is reportedly 7.253% and is due to be redeemed in 2033.

“The proceeds from the new issue will be used to repurchase the highest priority Eurobonds maturing in 2021 and 2022, accepted during the exchange offer, as well as to fund general budgetary allocations. The Final Maximum Acceptance Price (as the term is defined in the exchange offer memorandum) for the exchange offer is $ 846,610.00 150, ”the ministry said. According to Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko, this transaction complements the efforts of the Ukrainian government “to maximize the amount of concessional financing available in Ukraine to ensure an adequate supply of liquidity in the current environment.”

The Ministry of Finance notes that this message is not a bond advertisement. In addition, the securities mentioned in the announcement may not be sold in the United States of America unless they are registered under local laws, and (with some exceptions) in Australia, Canada and Japan. Read also: Shevchenko at a meeting with ambassadors of the G7 promised a “responsible attitude” of the NBU of its obligations On July 2, the Ministry of Finance announced that Ukraine had canceled the agreement on the issue of new 12-year Eurobonds for $ 1.75 billion.

This was due to the statement of the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Yakov Smoliy about his resignation.

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