Results of DMK production for March and I quarter of 2021

Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Works in March 2021 produced 222661 tons of metal products, which is 88% of the plan.

In the sinter shop last month, the plan was fulfilled by 86.6% and produced 325,722 tons of sinter, which is 50,498 tons less than planned.

In March, 197,968 tons of pig iron were smelted against the plan of 223,734 tons, which is 11.5% less than the planned volume.

In the converter shop, the smelting plan became 92.3% fulfilled and 220,363 tons were produced, which is 18,437 tons less than the plan. In the total production of steel, the amount of commercial steel was 154,538 tons, which is 27,283 tons (15%) less than the March target.

At all stages, the tasks of rolling production were completed with an increase, and the total output of rolled products amounted to 67,424 tons, which is 5314 tons higher than the plan.

In March, DMK shipped 219,122 tons of commercial metal products to customers, which is 31,682 tons (12.6%) less than the set target.

The first quarter of 2021 Dniprovsky MK worked in the negative. The output of commercial metal products is 32,570 tons (4.8%) less than the target of the first quarter, instead of 676,878 tons, 644,308 tons were produced.

Indicators in agglomeration, blast-furnace and converter production:

  • sinter production – 938,997 tons of sinter were produced (86.7%);
  • blast furnace – produced 573 102 tons of pig iron (90.2%);
  • converter – 641,245 tons of steel smelted (96.0%), including 444,594 tons of commercial steel (88.8%).

According to the results of the first quarter, 211,034 tons of rolled metal were produced, which is 28,455 tons more than the plan.

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