Interpipe delivered locomotive wheels to Mauritania

Ukrainian industrial company INTERPIPE continues to increase its presence in export markets. This time the focus of the Company is on the African continent.

Interpipe signed a 3-year contract with the State Railways of Mauritania for the supply of locomotive wheels with a diameter of 1,076 mm according to the AAR standard.

SNIM is the only owner of 704 km of rail infrastructure in this West African country and is primarily engaged in large-scale freight transport. The railway line connects the city of Zouerate, the center of the country’s iron ore industry, with the port city of Nouadhibou. The length of one train of about 200 wagons can be up to 2.5 km, so two to four locomotives are usually used at the head of the train.

Alexander Garkavy, director of the railway products division of Interpipe

– Locomotive wheels are a technically challenging product for North African countries. Their wear resistance indicators should be at a high level in sandy deserts. Moreover, the trains in Mauritania are one of the longest and heaviest in the world. Our strategy is to continue to increase the share of export deliveries of railway products.

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