Interpipe has mastered a new type of wheels for Deutsche Bahn passenger trains

Ukrainian industrial company INTERPIPE continues to develop cooperation with the national operator of German railways – Deutsche Bahn.

In April 2021, the first batch of wheels of a new design ET 442 with a diameter of 840 mm was already shipped and successfully inspected at the customer’s site.

Among the main design features – drilling in the disc for installing disc brakes, as well as increased requirements for the accuracy of geometric parameters and tolerances. The customer also put forward special requirements for painting. So, the wheel is covered with both an operational coating and a temporary one, which will be removed when the brake discs are installed and when the wheels are pressed into the wheelsets.

Alexander Garkavy, director of the railway products division of Interpipe: – ET 442 wheels are a complex product, for the production of which Interpipe has put a lot of effort. Before releasing an industrial batch, we certified a new design for us in accordance with the requirements of TSI and European standards. Deutsche Bahn was pleased with the results of the inspection and will use our products for the repair and renewal of wheelsets. The production of such wheels is another step towards strengthening the company’s position in the EU passenger transport market. Our strategic goal is to increase the export of high-tech products both for the national operator of German railways and for other carriers in Europe.

Source: Interpipe

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