In the UAE, for the first time, a test thread was performed on Interpipe pipes

Ukrainian industrial company INTERPIPE continues to develop supplies of pipe products with premium connections. An important stage on this path is the creation of a network of foreign workshops capable of cutting and repairing threads on accessories and pipes in close proximity to the client. It is an essential service for oil and gas companies, saving them time and money.

Most often, the need for additional accessories arises directly when drilling a well. Rig downtime hours are extremely expensive, so no one is ready to incur losses. Interpipe guarantees its customers the opportunity to repair threaded connections or manufacture additional accessories right on the spot. Therefore, quite often, the presence of such a production alongside is a prerequisite for participating in a tender for the supply of OCTG pipes.

In just 2 years, Interpipe has signed 14 licensing agreements with local shops. They are located in all key export markets – the countries of the Middle East, North and South America, the CIS. And in June the first industrial batch of accessories with UPJ-M was cut by a licensee in the UAE (Abu Dhabi).

Prior to the conclusion of the agreement with the Emirati licensee, INTERPIPE specialists inspected the equipment and tools in the workshop. They also attended the exploratory threading. The complexity of our premium connections lies in the accuracy of their geometric parameters. It is not enough to simply hand over connection drawings and commissioning templates to the licensee. One of the verification stages, the Company conducts after collecting information about the equipment in the workshop, is the cutting of a specially developed test thread

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