In 2020, Interpipe Steel has mastered 19 new steel grades

The innovative electric steelmaking complex Interpipe Steel in 2020 mastered 19 new steel grades.
The plant began to produce 14 new steel grades for pipe production and 5 items of transport assortment. In total, for 9 years, the brand of the enterprise has reached almost 540 positions.

Last year, Interpipe Steel launched into industrial production such key products as

  • Category 1 steel with high purity of metal for railway wheels of passenger high-speed trains. Interpipe NTZ has already shipped such products to Germany, the national railway operator Deutsche Bahn.
  • ER7 steel with sulfur alloying and special out-of-furnace treatment according to individual requirements of MWL Brasil.
  • Steel grade 13G2FB, which has increased resistance to corrosion in aggressive hydrogen sulfide environment, for ADNOC – Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

In addition to the production of steel for the production of pipes and wheels to Interpipe customers, the plant also ships billets to external customers. For example, last year we mastered the production of chromium alloyed P22 steel billets for the Romanian Arcelor Mittal Tubular Products Roman.

High-quality steel is one of the main factors in the successful promotion of premium pipe and railroad products in foreign markets. This is a strategic advantage of Interpipe, because we can make the necessary metal ourselves in the shortest possible time according to the requirements of our clients.

Last year, Interpipe entered the market of passenger wheels for high-speed trains in Europe and line pipes for oil and gas giants in the Middle East, using Interpipe Steel products.

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