Increased demand for heavy plate for wind energy

FE Steel in Kurashiki has launched a new continuous injection molding plant with an annual capacity of 2 million tons, which is expected to allow the company to produce larger thick steel plates for offshore wind projects. In addition, since April last year, the JFE plant in Kurashiki has continued to modernize blast furnace # 4.

JFE intended to expand the capacity of the Kurashiki plant to ensure a stable supply of steel to JFE Engineering and Japan Marine United (JMU). Both companies will focus and profit from the growing Japanese offshore wind market.

In May, JFE Holdings, the parent company of JFE Steel, announced plans to enter the offshore wind market and will leverage the collective power of its 100% subsidiaries JFE Steel, JFE Engineering, JFE Shoji and JMU.

In response to a rebound in steel demand, JFE Steel said crude steel production between April 2021 and March 2022 is expected to return to production levels near 2019-2020.

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