Ukraine in the world ranking of metallurgical production for 4 months 2021

World steel production in 4 months of 2021 is 662,780,000 tons, which is 13.68% higher than in 4 months of 2020 (583,040,000 tons).

The People’s Republic of China also remains the leader here, smelted 374560000 tons, which is 15.80% more than in January-April 2020 (323.450000 tons). The PRC’s share in world steel production is 56.5%.

Ukraine (7,140,000 tons or 107.2% relative to January-April 2020) ranks 13th among 64 steel-producing countries.

According to Worldsteel, in January-April 2021, metallurgical enterprises of the countries of the world produced 488,580,000 tons of pig iron, of which 458,150,000 tons by the blast furnace method and 30,430,000 tons by the direct reduction method. This is 8.60% higher than in January-April 2021 (449,880,000 tons).

The first place belongs to the People’s Republic of China, whose metallurgists produced 306,640,000 tons of pig iron in January-April 2021, which is 8.70% more than in the same period in 2020 (282.10 million tons). The share of Chinese pig iron in world production for 4 months of 2021 is 62.8%.

Ukraine (7070000 tons or 109.0% relative to January-April 2020) ranks 10th among 38 countries that produce pig iron.

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