Tata Steel invests 300 million euros in a smelter in Iymuiden

Tata Steel announced a plan to invest 300 million euros to reduce the burden on the environment of the Dutch steel mill Ijmuiden. First of all, the company wants to drastically reduce dust emissions as well as eliminate unpleasant odors.

Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing is Tata Steel’s next step towards climate neutrality, which the company wants to achieve by 2050. As part of the Roadmap 2030 program, the company is implementing 25 projects aimed at reducing the harmful impact of steel production on the environment.

€ 150 million for a pelletizing plant

Half of the funds of the “Road Map +” program will go to the construction of a plant that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions at the pelleting plant. By the way, 90 percent. emissions of heavy metal particles will be reduced. Another 50 million euros is planned to be spent on the modernization of the coke plant, aimed at reducing emissions of particulate matter and unpleasant odors.

Much attention will be paid to reducing dust emissions. In this direction, the process of converting slag processing, the steel-making shop and the system for feeding raw materials into the furnace, including conveyor belts, will be modernized.

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