Steel production in March increased in almost all regions of the world

World crude steel production in 64 countries represented by the World Steel Association (worldsteel) in March this year amounted to 169.2 million tons (Mt), which is 15.2% more compared to March 2020.

The largest steel producing regions are Asia and Oceania, which produced 123.8 million tonnes in March this year. The second largest producer was the EU-27 region, with a production volume of 13.6 million tonnes. North America came in third with production of 9.7 million tonnes. Production (in million tonnes) in other regions is as follows: Africa (1.5), CIS (9.1), Other Europe (4.4), Middle East (3.6) and South America (3.6 ).

All regions recorded an increase in steel production compared to the same period last year. Production in the African region increased by 25%. Production in the regions of Asia and Oceania, as well as in the EU-27 countries grew by 17.6% and 17.5%, respectively. Elsewhere in Europe, production growth was also double-digit growth of 10.5%. Steel production in South America increased by 8.1%, while steel production in the CIS increased by 7% compared to the previous year. Production in the Middle East rose 6.6%. Meanwhile, North American steel production rose marginally by 0.1%.

China became the leader in steel production with a production volume of 94.0 million tons in March 2021. India (10 million tonnes) and Japan (8.3 million tonnes) were other key producers.

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