The production of rough steel in the United States has significantly decreased

The most recent production statistics suggest a significant reduction in steel production across the country for the week ending February 13 – , 2021. Data released by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) indicates a significant annual decline in output for the week.

Steel production in the domestic market for the week amounted to 1.743 million tons. The capacity utilization rate for the week was 76.9%. For comparison, the level of production and utilization of production facilities amounted to 1.844 million net tons and 81.5% respectively during the corresponding week a year earlier. Compared to the week ended February 13 – th 2020, production decreased by 5.5%.

Production for the week increased slightly by 2.2% compared to the previous week, when it was only 1.705 million net tons. Capacity utilization was 75.2% for the week ending Feb 6 – th , 2021.

The largest producer was the South Region, with a production volume of 725,000 tons. Production in other regions is as follows: Great Lakes (599,000 tonnes), Midwest (189,000 tonnes), Northeast (155,000 tonnes) and West (75,000 tonnes).

During the same period a year earlier, when the capacity utilization rate averaged 82.2%, while now it has dropped to 75.9%.

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