The last thick plate from Thyssenkrupp

Thyssenkrupp Steel announced the termination of production at the Duisburg-Hüttenheim plate mill. No one will lose jobs, but by the end of September the company will close the entire segment of flat products, as it was unable to ensure profitability of production.

On March 18, the rolling mill produced the last batch of sheets, after which it was stopped. Thyssenkrupp Steel will finally close this business segment by the end of September. This is included in Strategy 20-30, recognizing that the group, which wants to focus on highly profitable types of steel, such as sheets for the automotive industry (including electromobility), the packaging industry and exclusive industrial products, has no economic future.

The company says 90 percent. The 800 employees of the closed rolling mill will find or have already found work in other plants of the group in Duisburg. Some have chosen early retirement.

Of the entire segment, only the service center in Antwerp, a cutting sheet for use in construction, the production of trucks and agricultural machinery, will survive.

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