Development of new types of products by the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant

In 2020, the mill’s rolling shop mastered the production of new types of products, which made it possible to maintain DMK’s position in the metal products market.

The slitting line of mill 400/200 mastered the production of reinforcing bars with a diameter of 8 mm. An act-conclusion on the development of this profile has been approved. 3614 tons of A500C class products were produced.

On the bar line of the same mill, the production of reinforcing bars with a diameter of 32 mm was mastered. The total output of the new type of product amounted to 2,614 tons of A500C class.

The development of new types of rolled products also took place on the reel line of the 400/200 mill. In accordance with the requirements of the customer, a key consumer, pilot batches of 9 mm diameter wire rod made of C80D2 (Cr) steel in the amount of 69.7 tons and high-carbon wire rod with a diameter of 11 mm in the volume of 96 tons were produced. Geometric dimensions, metallographic and mechanical properties of new types of products meet customer requirements. A pilot batch of welding rod with a diameter of 5.5 mm was also produced. More than 69 tons of new products were sent to the customer. Further development of this type of rental will continue in 2021.

The production of hot-rolled round steel of two standard sizes was mastered at the pipe procurement section. 681.7 tons of rolled stock with a diameter of 70 mm and 73.3 tons of rolled stock with a diameter of 75 mm from different grades of steel were shipped to customers. It also mastered the production of an axial billet with a diameter of 270 mm from a continuously cast billet with a cross section of 300×1250 mm. An initial batch of new products was produced – 48.7 tons of axle blanks and 48 pieces of rough locomotive axles. Type, qualification and certification tests have been carried out. The certification audit was carried out by the certification body “UkrNIIV”. Received a certificate of conformity for roughing locomotive axles.

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