Nucor aims to become the safest steel company in the world

Nucor Tubular Products announced a partnership with New Jersey-based PowerFleet. The partnership is expected to help the company achieve its goal of becoming the safest steel company in the world.

Both companies recently conducted a pilot program that ended successfully. This gave Nucor confidence to install PowerFleet Enterprise telematics solutions on all of its loaders and tool cranes during the first half of this year. The project includes the deployment of PowerFleet Forewarner MAXI Crane Safety solutions and cameras for a CP4 forklift truck.

Nathan Fraser, vice president and general manager of Nucor, said PowerFleet’s telematics solutions could provide more secure transactions. In addition, it will lower costs and reduce inefficiencies compared to manual methods. “The system will automatically send critical security and equipment information to their business management system, which will help them be more responsive and efficient,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mark Stanton, General Manager of PowerFleet for Industrial, said the company is delighted to continue expanding its partnership with Nucor Tubular Products to ensure the highest level of security at its facilities.

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