Nippon Steel will restart the blast furnace

Nippon Steel Corporation has decided to rebuild blast furnace No. 3 at its Nagoya plant. The message reads: “In light of weakening domestic demand for steel, increased competition in the external market and the need for large-scale investments to renovate the Company’s steel plants in the medium and long term, we decided on 7 February 2020 to implement structural measures for the new production facility in accordance with our main policy is to create an optimal production structure based on competitive integrated manufacturing. About 20 years have passed since its last processing and we have decided to rebuild blast furnace # 3 for the time being in order to maintain and further enhance the competitiveness of the integrated production at the Nagoya plant.

After the refurbishment, advanced technology and other advanced technologies from Japan and other countries will be adopted in blast furnace No. 3 to ensure stable production and higher productivity.

Plan for refurbishment of blast furnace No. 3 of the Nagoya plant.
Furnace volume: 4425 cubic meters (currently 4300 cubic meters).
Refining period: first half of 2022 (plan).
Investment volume: about 49 billion yen (planned).
Constructor: Nippon. Steel Engineering Co Ltd, etc.
Miscellaneous: Blast Furnace No. 3 started operation in April 2000.

Nagoya Works is one of the leading steel mills in the world for optimal integrated steel sheet technology for automobiles. It is also positioned as Nippon Steel’s main integrated high-quality steel sheet manufacturing base, with competitive product development capabilities and customer response. The Nagoya plant plays an important role in supplying recycled materials from high quality steel sheet to other smelters.

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