Modernization allowed to increase production at the Alfa Acciai plant

Danieli project is the first winding of two coils simultaneously on twin mills. Danieli has completed a successful rewinding line for Bar Mill # 2 at Alfa Acciai, Brescia, Italy, for the first time to simultaneously rewind small diameter rods with two coilers in a single line. The modernization allows the metallurgical company to increase the production of wire rod in coils in line with the current market demand, and also leads to significant improvements in the characteristics and mechanical properties of the finished coils.

The project included a complete upgrade of the mill automation system, as well as the installation of new equipment to guide both strands of the split rolling mill to two coilers.

Bar Mill # 2 has been equipped with a Danieli EWR® billet welding system since 2004, which joins two billets to produce a coiled coil weighing approximately 3 tons. For small diameter products produced by double split rolling, four blanks are required to obtain two rolls of 3 tons.

Prior to this modernization, only one strand of the split rolling line was fed into the coiling line, while an alternative strand delivered material to the cooling bed in the form of straight rods.

After upgrading, both threads can simultaneously feed two reels.

As a result, Alfa Acciai will increase production of coiled rods from 50% to 80% of hourly production and reduce production of straight bars to 20% of the total.

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