China has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing carbon emissions

China’s leading steel producer HBIS Group has announced its commitment to reduce carbon emissions. The company, like other steel producers, is committed to reducing the industry’s impact on the environment. Incidentally, according to the latest estimates from the World Steel Association (worldsteel), the steel industry accounts for almost 7-9% of total carbon emissions in the world.

HBIS Group is studying a rigorous action plan to exceed the emission reduction target announced by the Chinese administration. HBIS Group aims to peak carbon emissions by 2022, reduce it by 10% from its peak by 2025, and reduce it even further by 30% from its peak in 2022 by 2030, before eventually reaching its zero emissions target. by 2050, Yu said. Yoon, Chairman, HBIS Group Co. Ltd.

The first phase of the country’s first direct hydrogen reduction demonstration plant at HBIS XuanSteel, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province is expected to be completed by the end of this year. This will make it possible to produce 0.6 million tons of iron per year using hydrogen. The second phase provides for further expansion of the site, thereby increasing the productivity by an additional 0.6 million tons of iron per year due to water electrolysis.

HBIS Tangsteel’s hydrogen truck filling station uses hydrogen from coke ovens.

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