Zaporizhstal Combine is modernizing aspiration units

The enterprise is undergoing a large-scale eco-modernization – assembling conveyors for the aspiration units of the sinter machine. The next stage of ecological modernization of the sinter plant will further reduce the burden on the environment.

The principle of operation of the new gas cleaning units of sintering machines is based on a two-stage cleaning of waste gases. This solution is the most modern and efficient. 95% of gas cleaning systems installed at metallurgical plants in China, the USA and Europe are equipped with just such filters.

The specificity of the filters lies in the fact that draft machines, which ensure the suction of air during sintering of the agglomerate, control its transportation to the treatment facilities. Therefore, it is impossible to stop the filtering equipment without stopping production.

Now at the construction site, in parallel with the collection of metal structures, equipment elements are being installed: assembly of conveyors, preparation for connecting electrical parts and covering the foundations with waterproofing.

Zaporizhstal has invested 235 million hryvnias in the project to modernize the aspiration units of the tailings of sintering machines. The new unit will improve working conditions and remove dust from the air much more efficiently.

We clarify that the project is being implemented as part of the implementation of the Memorandum, which the Zaporizhstal plant and the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration signed on October 21, 2020. The memorandum is aimed at reducing the impact on the environment.

In total, the plant has already invested more than 1.2 billion hryvnias in the ecological modernization of the sinter plant – the installation of gas cleaning systems for sintering machines No. 1-6.

Since 2012, Zaporizhstal has allocated about UAH 15 billion for eco-modernization. The largest of the implemented projects: environmental reconstruction of blast furnaces with the installation of modern aspiration systems for foundry yards and a bunker overpass, construction of the only hydrochloric acid pickling line in Ukraine at TsKhP-1, commissioning of a complex for the return of industrial storm drains, and modernization of the sinter plant.

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