[: en] Kobe Steel introduced a new technology for the production of cleaner steel

[: en] Kobe Steel Limited, headquartered in Japan, has successfully demonstrated a new technology that significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions from steel production in blast furnaces. Advanced technology reduces emissions by one-fifth over traditional operations.

The new method combines the company’s blast furnace technology with the direct reduction iron (DRI) technology of Midrex Technologies Inc. DRI technology uses natural gas to reduce the use of iron ore as a raw material in steelmaking, resulting in lower emissions than blast furnaces. Large quantities of DRI briquettes from the Midrex process are fed into the blast furnace. However, the cost of producing low carbon steel is $ 0.09 per kilogram.

The company successfully completed a one-month demonstration test at the Kakogawa plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in October last year. The tests resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of reducing agent (RAR) from 518 kg per tonne to 415 kg per tonne. Tests also showed the lowest coke level at 239 kg /t.

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