Canada introduces duties on steel sheets from Germany and Taiwan

The Canadian Border Guard Agency (CBSA) announced yesterday (Jan 7) that it had issued a final AD decision on hot rolled carbon steel plate and high strength low alloy steel plate from Taiwan and Germany and announced on the dumping margin of the two countries.

As for the Turkish company Ereğli Demir ve elik Fabrikaları TAŞ., After being imposed a temporary advertising duty of 2.9%, CBSA decided to stop investigating the company.

According to the final ruling, the CSC dumping margin rate for Taiwan was 7% and for all other participating exporters it was 80.6%, down from the 9.4% and 97% defined in the original ruling.

With regard to the dumping margin of the German AG der Dillinger Hüttenwerke, it was 6.3%, and that of other companies involved – 68.6%, which is higher than the values ​​of 4.8% and 63.8% defined in the original decision.

Participating products have tariff classification numbers 7208.51.00.10, 7208.51.00.93, 7208.51.00.94, 7208.51.00.95, 7208.52.00.10, 7208.52.00.93 and 7208.52.00.96.

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