Ferrexpo increases production of DR-pellets

Ferrexpo continues to increase production of high quality products – DR-pellets (Direct reduction iron pellets – pellets for direct reduction of iron technology). These are highly processed products with an increased iron content and a low concentration of impurities, highly valued in modern metallurgy of blast-free steel production.

So, in 2020, the Company significantly increased the production of pellets with an iron content of more than 67%, reaching more than 300 thousand tons and became the first company in Ukraine that began industrial supplies of DR-pellets to its consumers. Ferrexpo plans to further increase the share of high quality pellets in the total product portfolio, which will meet the requirements of the world’s best steel consumers.

“Our goal is to continuously increase the production of premium quality pellets (including for blast-furnace steel production), which will strengthen Ferrexpo’s position as a reliable supplier of these products for our customers. The existing experience in the supply of high quality pellets confirms the demand for our new products by the world’s best steel producers. The entire volume of this product produced in 2020 was shipped to the first-class consumer of these pellets at the plant in Texas (USA). Increased metallurgical properties of the pellets are important for our customers, and such pellets are also more environmentally friendly, since in the case of blast-free steel production by direct reduction of iron, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are significantly reduced, “noted Ferrexpo.

The company is constantly modernizing its production in accordance with the best world practices. In particular, in 2020, Poltava GOK (PGOK, Ferrexpo Poltava Mining, FPM, part of the Ferrexpo Group) implemented a set of projects to increase the production of the Ferrexpo Group’s enrichment plants, investments in which amounted to more than 100 million US dollars. In total, over 3 billion US dollars have been invested in the development of Ukrainian assets of Ferrexpo over the past 20 years.

Source: www.ferrexpo.com

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