EU introduces duties on flat products from Turkey

The European Commission announced the adoption of the final anti-dumping (AD) ruling on flat products made of carbon, unalloyed or other alloy steel produced in Turkey.

The European Commission (EC) decided to introduce final anti-dumping duties of 4.7-7.3%

According to the EU document, main Turkish producer HRC Colakoglu is subject to the highest final duty of 7.3%, while Turkey’s largest steel producer, Oyak Maden Metalurji Group (Erdemir and Isdemir), has a 4.9% duty rate. …

Habas has the lowest duty at 4.7%, while Borcelik and Agir Haddecilik have 5.6%. All other Turkish companies will have a final duty of 7.3%.

“The Commission informed all interested parties of the significant facts and considerations on the basis of which it intended to introduce a final anti-dumping duty on the import of certain hot rolled flat products of iron, unalloyed or other alloy steels originating in Turkey. “, – said in the message of the EC, adding that all parties were given a period during which they could comment on the final disclosure of information.

The European Commission launched an investigation in mid-May 2020 at the request of the European steel group Eurofer. Then on January 7, 2021, the EC announced that it had imposed temporary anti-dumping duties of 4.8-7.6%.

The EU is Turkey’s main export market for pig iron production, and the final tariff decision could limit further exports of Turkish mills, which have already been negatively impacted by EU trade barriers.

The EC is examining whether the existing safeguards system for steel imports into the EU should continue beyond its expiration date on 30 June.

Although Turkish steelmakers have suspended revision of countervailing duties after the European Commission’s April 7 decision to officially end the GCC investigation of HRC imports from Turkey, the country may respond to the latest EU anti-dumping move with countermeasures.

Turkey has officially launched an investigation into dumping imports of hot rolled coils from the EU and South Korea with a presidential decree published in the country’s official gazette on January 9.

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