DMZ carries out reconstruction of coke oven batteries

Dneprovsky metallurgical plant of the DCH group of Alexander Yaroslavsky continues to implement a large investment project, within the framework of which repairs are carried out at the by-product coke plant. A unique technology is used – ceramic surfacing. The result is improved coke quality and reduced environmental impact.

In March, work began on coke oven battery No. 2. During the repair, ceramic surfacing and sealing of heating wall masonry joints will be performed. This is a new technology for Ukraine, which has proven its effectiveness at European enterprises. Surfacing provides a better sealing of the seams of the coking chambers, which increases the efficiency of the furnaces and reduces the burden on the environment.

The joints of the refractory masonry are first melted, and then a thermal mixture is blown into the coking chamber under pressure. Seams and possible cracks are sealed to prevent suction. As a result, the raw gas from the chamber does not enter the heating system, but is completely returned to heat the walls.

– Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant is constantly working to reduce the technogenic load on the environment. Ceramic surfacing of coke oven batteries is a unique technology that has been introduced at a number of foreign enterprises and has proven its effectiveness. The work is planned at coke oven batteries No. 1 and 2, which will give a significant environmental and production effect, – emphasized Vitaliy Bash, General Director of DMZ.

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