DMK allocated UAH 38 million for environmental activities

PJSC “Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant”, as a socially responsible enterprise, and in the conditions of reorganization associated with the bankruptcy procedure, continues to fulfill the main tasks in the field of environmental protection. This is the environmental modernization of production, the implementation of environmental measures of the city environmental program and the “Dnepropetrovsk regional comprehensive program (strategy) of environmental safety and climate change prevention for 2016-2025”, reduction of emissions of pollutants into the air and other negative impact on the environment.

In the first quarter of 2021, UAH 37,982,000 was spent on the implementation of the activities of the regional environmental program, of which:

for commissioning work on the reconstruction of the blast-furnace shop with the construction of a unit for the preparation and injection of pulverized coal into blast furnaces No. 1M, 9, 12 – UAH 12,145,000. (In total, the facility disbursed 1,060,788,000 UAH)
for the implementation of the project of gas cleaning of process gases leaving the sintering zones of the sintering machine No. 7-12 of the sinter shop No. 2 – 8494000. UAH. (The total amount of expenses amounted to UAH 15.6 million)
for the modernization of the gas cleaning equipment of the rotary kiln No. 1 at the lime production site of the converter shop – UAH 13,721,000. Since the beginning of the event, UAH 36.260 million has been spent. The existing electrostatic precipitator has been replaced by a bag filter, cold tests of gas cleaning equipment have been carried out, adjustment work is in progress;
for the development of basic technical solutions related to the construction of a gas turbine power plant – UAH 0.1255 million;
for the implementation of two investment projects to expand environmental monitoring of atmospheric air and wastewater – UAH 3,497,000.
This was reported by the environmental protection service of the industrial safety department of JSC “Dneprovsky Metallurgical Plant”.

The measures provided for by the order “On measures to protect the air and water basins in the workshops of the plant for 2021” are being carried out. For the first quarter, 4 activities were completed in full for the amount of UAH 0.62 million. These are current repairs at the gas cleaning behind the converter # 1 and at the gas cleaning behind the rotary kiln # 2 in the converter shop, as well as at the pipe-collecting section and at the axial rolling state in the rolling shop.

In addition, current repairs and maintenance of environmental equipment were carried out in the amount of UAH 0.556 million.
In the first quarter of 2021, the laboratory for the protection of water and air basins of the environmental protection service of the UPB performed the following works:

Air Pool

Samples of the gas-air mixture were taken and analyzed (a total of 1616 samples):

stationary sources of atmospheric air pollution – 1356 samples

measurements in the sanitary protection zone of the plant – 260 studies.

Water pool

1111 samples were taken, 7201 analyzes were carried out. Control is carried out on 23 ingredients.

At the plant, 123 gas and dust cleaning systems, 15 local wastewater sedimentation tanks, 4 reverse cycles of water supply for “dirty water” and 740 sites for temporary storage of industrial and domestic waste in the structural divisions of the plant are subject to inspection.

Environmental protection specialists issued 61 orders with 226 measures to the structural divisions of the plant.

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