British Steel is hiring new employees

British Steel is hiring 66 new employees to support production growth at its Scunthorpe and Teesside sites.

The company, which is supporting manufacturing during the pandemic, plans to recruit 41 people for manufacturing positions at its Special Profiles division in Skinningrove and another 25 as interns at its headquarters in North Lincolnshire.

These new jobs are added to 40 jobs the company created in May, allowing it to introduce an additional shift at the Teesside Beam Mill.

CEO Ron Deelen said, “Since launching our new business in March, Jingye Group has made significant investments in our business and our people, and continues to do so.

“These roles will enable us to maintain production growth and continue to grow this business. This is a great opportunity for people to join us and play an important role in the ongoing transformation of British Steel. ”

Skinningrove’s factory, which already employs around 300 people, produces a range of specialized products, including track shoes and advanced profiles for use in the yellow goods industry. It is also the market leader in crane rails for use in ports and factories around the world, as well as guide shafts for underground mining.

Jobs at Skinningrove are for manufacturing operators whose responsibilities include crane control, machine and process control, forklift driving and manual control.

Skinningrove Plant Manager David Hogg said: “We are currently working 24/7, Monday through Friday, but we are moving to 24/7 in the spring. Our new manufacturing operators will help us achieve this and meet the growing global demand for our specialized products.

“We are ideally looking for people with relevant experience, preferably in a similar environment, equipment operator or mobile station driver, and we look forward to welcoming new colleagues to the business in the new year.”

Permanent positions at Scunthorpe are for manufacturing operators who first join the business as manufacturing trainees and interns and then move on to supporting group leaders in the manufacturing area to ensure that the plant’s production objectives are met with the highest quality while providing first-class customer service. to strict health and safety standards.

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