Biden plans to revise Section 232 tariffs

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to revise the section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by President Trump, but he is likely to take a rather protectionist approach to trade once he takes office.

In May, Biden provided written responses to questions from United Steelworkers, in which he stated that “dumping steel, especially from China … poses a serious risk to our economy and needs to be addressed.” He pledged that, as president, “he will work to address the global overcapacity and ensure the success of our manufacturers and workers who manufacture these products more efficiently and environmentally consciously than countries like China.”

However, he did not provide details of his plans for tariffs under article 232.

“The Trump administration’s actions on steel and aluminum have brought some short-term relief, but have done nothing to address the long-term challenges facing these sectors,” Biden wrote. “I intend to protect our national security and guarantee fair trade in steel, aluminum and other products. I will review the current 232 tariffs and any other tariffs that have been introduced to ensure that our trade policy achieves the goal of supporting workers and growing our middle class, both now and in the long term. ”

His campaign platform, meanwhile, says it “will focus our allies’ attention on tackling overcapacity in industries ranging from steel and aluminum to fiber optics, shipbuilding and other sectors, and will focus on the key culprit, the Chinese government. “.

Also on the platform, Biden clearly states measures to support domestic producers, including Buy America’s provisions, which he says are “critical to the US manufacturing industry.” The platform also states that the Biden administration “will commit to purchasing American steel, cement, concrete, building materials and equipment, and in the process, will not only help rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and modernize our buildings, but will also enable our domestic companies to lead sustainable, sustainable production for the future. ”

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