ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih acquired a new drilling rig Epiroc DM75 D

Drilling rigs of the DM series have been gaining more and more popularity in our region and in the world in recent years. They have proven their effectiveness and reliability in difficult operating conditions, and are also recognized as autonomous, maneuverable and safe. The Epiroc DM75 D drill is designed for rotary drilling of vertical and inclined wells. The maximum drilling depth is 51.2 m with rods longer than 10 m.

Artem Kuznetsov, Head of the Mining Development Division of the Mining Department of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih

– The company’s management decided to renew the drilling equipment fleet, because drilling is an initial operation on which the entire further production chain and the production process as a whole depend. The modern Epiroc DM75 D is equipped with an upgraded clutch, a powerful low pressure compressor, and an 800 horsepower Caterpillar diesel engine. The machine is not tied to power grids, this gives it the ability to move quickly, maneuver and work in any weather. The productivity of the machine is up to 10 running meters per hour. It is important that the drilling process will be more environmentally friendly thanks to the installed wet dust suppression system.

The DM75 D has several features that provide the operator with a safe working environment. The unit is equipped with a containing feed valve, leveling jacks and load holding valves. The comfort cab with improved visibility is FOPS certified (Protected against Falling Objects). The monitor in the driver’s cab displays the parameters of the rig and drilling: the position of the rod, speed and depth. All operating functions of the machine are controlled from a special panel, the ergonomic layout of which allows you to quickly switch from drilling mode to moving mode, and increases work productivity.

In total, ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih currently uses four SBSh drilling rigs, five Pit Viper machines, an electric DM 75 E rig and a Roc L8 rig for setting the pit walls to the limit positions. The new Epiroc DM75 D machine, after the registration of the necessary permits, will start working in the quarry No. 2-bis of the enterprise. The company plans for 2021 – the acquisition of another new line drilling machine for open pit mines.

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